Audio tool for Unity


Harmony is a unity plugin and tool usefull for managing the sounds aspects of a project. It was created for the project The Key.


Unpack Harmony plugin on your Unity game.
You need to place the "Editor" content from the Harmony plugin into your "Editor" folder if you have already one.
You need an “AudioMixers” and an “AudioClips” folder for running Harmony. If you don't have one, running Harmony for the first time will create them.

Features of Harmony in Editor


The Actualize function actualize the SoundManager gameobject of the Sounds folder with all the sounds of this folder. Alternatively, if there is no Sounds folder or SoundManager, it create them.


Clean all the clips or sources of the SoundManager.

New Sound Trigger

Create a new sound trigger in the scene. You can define before creating it:

  • If the trigger will be destroyed after playing (can’t loop so).
  • The type of Collider you want to use (Sphere, Box, Capsule of Mesh).
  • If the collider work only once, for the first correct thing who enter in.

After, you can change directly on the component the size of the collider, all the parameters of the audio source (set the clip by example), and the variables of the Harmony Sound Trigger script. You can define the category of elements who can be triggered and the lists to fill it. These lists are public, so you can also access them by script.

Features of Harmony in script


The Base section is usefull for the basic and general functions of Harmony. Play, Pause, UnPause, Stop...

Attach and Return

The Attach and Return functions exist in order to place some sources at some places. It can be useful to place some 3D sound sources. The return function bring them back to Harmony.


All the sources can be use as playlist in order to change clip easily in runtime and play differents clips, one after the other. The Playlist can’t be fully empty, the playlist would automatically add a unique null clip.

Bugs and Issues

You can check all Bugs and Issues in the Bug List


v0.2 : No more overflow functions. No more automatic sources. No more name functions. All Harmony now work with AudioSource component.